AI usecases in Finance (Third in a Series) Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents us with the opportunity to protect investors, provide transparency about investment decisions, decrease costs, increase fairness, reduce risk, and streamline the entire process. It has been a bumpy road to get here (just ask Knight Capital about a 2012 $440 million loss due to trading errors with their new trading software), but we’re on the verge of massive changes because our technology is now sufficiently capable. There are several aspects of computing technology that have come together at precisely the right time for us to be able to
AI usecases in Healthcare (Second in a Series) Discussed much more thoroughly in the last article AI in Banking, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful force for business. Does it have a place in Healthcare, too? You better believe it. In this country, healthcare is a business, even if it is full of altruistic individuals that are just seeking to help others. We thwart disease; we repair damage; we cope with aberrations in bell-curve physiology; and most importantly, we make lives better. But that doesn’t work very well without a solid business foundation! We still need to know where the money is
AI usecases in banking and financial services (First in a Series) Introduction Humanity has been on the road for a very long time—from the beginning, when each individual had to collect sufficient food to survive every single day—to the point where we invented agriculture. At that point, we moved from 99% survival and 1% reproduction to a brand new model. Growing food marked the introduction of leisure. Since then, every step in our evolution has proceeded along the lines of doing more and more with less and less. You might recall the 1899 story of Charles H. Duell, Commissioner of