The Future of Retail Artificial Intelligence (AI) in retail situations is becoming more prevalent. Traditional retailers tend to look at it as somewhat inaccessible for them because of the nature of their business. Online retailing will get a tremendous benefit, but brick and mortar establishments won’t be left in the cold. Soon, the first-person encounter with a retail employee will evolve into interactions with AI smart terminals located throughout the store. They’ll possess cameras and be able to interact with a customer. It will be able to see when customers hold their hands about 18 inches apart and hear when
The Future of Insurance Foretelling the Future Artificial Intelligence (AI) can use predictive analysis to identify specific areas of risk, as they apply to each client, a particular geographical location, vocation or avocation, thus making insurance more relevant. That ability allows insurers to offer products that make sense to cover those risks while providing more appropriate pricing. The problem for the immediate future is learning how to retain new, younger customers; they are the most challenging market segment to hang on to because they want convenience, agility, and personalization—things the industry hasn’t been known for in the past. They expect
The Future of Media Companies What comprises the “Media” nowadays? Newspapers have gotten much thinner if they are still publishing paper editions, as advertising revenues have dried up. Some have hunkered down, cut costs, and tried to carry on without much adaptation. Some deliver content online for free to customers, relying on traditional advertising wanting to access their customer base. Some have closed their doors after a century or more. Other organizations, be it radio, TV, or Internet personalities, have tightly refocused their content to their core users, raising prices and shedding a general audience in favor of a dedicated
The Future of Energy (Fourth in a Series) The coolest thing about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it can be layered on top of existing infrastructure. However, don’t picture it like putting a robot in front of a keyboard. That is most certainly not how it works. For one thing, it’s much more efficient than that! You’ve seen evidence of AIs “typing” when you interact with a ChatBot online. Some are so cleverly designed that you can’t tell if it’s a person or a program. Try the one at your local electrical utility to see if you can tell if