AI and data science has Innumerable Applications. Let’s look at 100 use-cases of AI, ML and data science. We, as humans, are shaped by our experiences.  Touch a hot stove element as a child, and you learn quickly never to do it again.  Spin and spin with your friends on the front lawn until you fall down, to experience the feeling that they sky is spinning around you.  Keep doing it over and over until you throw up, and you have learned a limitation.  You may do it again, but you’ve learned to stop doing it sooner because of the
We don’t want an AI President (do we?) That is a funny notion, isn’t it?  Suppose for a moment what would happen were we to elect a truly smart, well informed Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the Leader of our country.  Immune to bribery; virtually all-seeing and all-knowing; able to instantly assess when someone is voting contrarily to what their constituents want (in support of a lobbyist with a fat wallet and an agenda).  Suddenly politicians would be answerable to the people. Accepting bribes (or dubious “contributions”) would be almost impossible.  We’re almost at the point in social evolution where we
Fuelish Decisions Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already affected your life—in ways you might have read about, or already suspected—and this effect has been largely positive.  It streamlines your interactions and makes web searching easier.  AI controls traffic lights to reduce automobile congestion; it invisibly places elevators at specific positions in high-rises so that they are near where they are going to be needed, thus minimizing how long you wait when you push the call button.  Its abilities are expanding all the time. For example, Facebook has invested heavily in AI so that they can present useful, related articles (or ads)