Taking the drudgework out of HR Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) properly will set you apart from “old-fashioned” manual companies. Candidates look upon sophisticated AI-driven HR as more efficient, progressive, and desirable than nostalgia-driven methodologies from the last century. AI algorithms also remove language biases in advertising for positions so as not to disclude viable candidates through innate prejudices in wording choices. This unconscious bias can cause your company to overlook a great candidate, extending your search, and will end up increasing your costs while adding unnecessarily lost productivity. Why AI Great for HR Gutless Wonder Going “by our gut” is
Almost 62% of respondents in a 2017 business survey pointed to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as the two most important factors that will set the tempo for business for the next decade and beyond. Not to be outdone, Big Data and Business Analytics (BA) came in right behind at 58%.  Don’t fret about the totals exceeding 100% since participants were asked to rank dozens of factors in order of importance, likelihood, or need, and choosing one thing does not preclude another. AI Expectations AI is coming, and few are even thinking about applying the brakes.  There are