Why is adoption speeding up? It is a commonly held belief that Artificial Intelligence (AI) started with ELIZA. It’s not true. Despite the fact that it could (and did!) pass the Turing Test on many occasions, it was never designed to be an AI. Although this article is chockful of information that you need, it may be useful for you to take a couple of moments to use the ELIZA demo above to understand how it works. Since it is psychologist-based, try discussing a real or fictional personal problem with it. Back already? Interesting, wasn’t it? As you can see
Depending on who is saying the word operations, it can have significantly different meanings. From a management perspective, it includes controlling Quality Assurance (QA) programs, hiring & training, and process monitoring & maintenance, all while creating strategies to enhance efficiency and production. “Operations” is the fulcrum upon which productivity and efficiency are balanced. A large part of that process is obtaining the required raw materials, turning it into goods, and then getting it out the door, on the way to the consumer. If you think that is all there is to it, however, you’re forgetting about having people that can
Getting its foot-in-the-door Salespeople are a different kettle of fish altogether when compared to your more conventional variety of office worker. They don’t like to be sitting in the office—they want to be out there and doing stuff—they’re the ones that sit in the front car of the roller coaster if they can ever force themselves to take some time away from their jobs. They’re the former class-presidents, junior civic leaders—the ones that walk right up to someone they don’t know, stick out their hand and say “Howdy, I’m Mike (or Jill). Isn’t it a great day today?” They are
From Raw Material to Finished Product According to a 2017 survey of 835 companies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has penetrated deeply into our everyday business activities. That is not much of a surprise for most of us since the subject continues to hold sway in reporting and gather interest from almost every news outlet. It tells us, for example, that 44% of companies now use AI to detect intrusions and security breaches. Another 41% are using it to resolve our users’ IT problems with, among other things, amazingly human-like ChatBots. These are the sorts of things that people expect to see