Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for the Financial Technology (FinTech) sector, and all areas of Banking, are getting quite abundant—overwhelming, in fact. Interestingly, as it turns out, a lot of it is hyperbole. They are not to be ignored or overlooked of course, since many are incredibly useful, and are vital for what they offer to the FinTech sector. We must select appropriate tools. We need these new tools to be competitive, and our customers expect us to have them. They grant small, boutique style banks the same powers and capabilities as those of the centuries-old massive institutions. Naturally, there are
Using AI and ML for Dynamic Pricing A new look at retail & e-commerce strategies Old-fashioned corporate espionage is almost passé compared to what we can do nowadays with simple information processing of data acquired from the Internet. Why go to the trouble of doing anything illegal when virtually everything you need to know is released to the public as a matter of course? Artificial Intelligence (AI) and all its vital subcomponents, such as Machine Learning (ML) and Neural Net (NN) processing have allowed us to gather and sort data the instant it becomes available. And it’s just the readily