About Us

WildFire is the #1 AI and Data Science consulting services company. Based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, we help you in creating an AI strategy and roadmap and help you implement it. We help you find the right AI use cases and work with you to implement it. We are experts in big data, cloud, machine learning and deep learning. We provide our expertise to companies in Finance, Insurance, Media, Tech, Pharma, Healthcare, Insurance, Energy, Retail, and other verticals. We work either in staff augmentation model or project basis. Our corporate office is in Basking Ridge, NJ.


We believe AI can help transform organizations and help them add value to its investors and shareholders.


Data Science and AI Consulting, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Chatbots, Computer Vision and NLP.

Why Us?

We have been doing AI and Data Science before AI became popular. We know AI and machine learning better than most in the industry. We have built an AI platform which is plug and play and we can quickly deploy an AI solution based on your specific use case and need. We are not a typical consulting firm who come, make some suggestions and go. We implement AI and data science projects end to end and stay through thick and thin. Unlike other vendors, we will tell you what AI can do and cannot. Current form of AI is very far away from human like capabilities and we will work within those limitations to make your project successful.


WildFire was started in 2013 in New Jersey by Mahesh Varavooru who has over 18 years of experience in technology, big data and analytics. He has two successful multi-million dollars exits before. He believes AI will have a huge impact on economy, jobs, and how organizations work and compete. Through our services, we want to make a difference in peoples lives whether it is helping healthcare companies in cancer detection or helping a pharma company in discovering a new drug or helping an organization improve sales and profitability using artificial intelligence and automation.





Mahesh Varavooru – CEO & CTO

Prior to WildFire, Mahesh Varavooru worked in Technology for more than 20 years in Wall Street in the field of data working for large financial companies like Citi, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley in various technology roles. Since last 10 years, Mahesh has focused on Big data and analytics. Mahesh Varavooru has exited two startups successfully before which had multi million dollar revenues. One was in energy (Sunsearch) and another one in cloud SaaS (Mutual Force) HR tech company. Mahesh Varavooru has a M.S in Computer Science from NJIT, NJ and a B.S in Chemical Engineering.


Victoria Kuleshova – CIO

She held the position of SVP of Client Engagement at a US-headquartered software development multinational. She has also held several Senior Management positions with well-known Telecom providers, in which her responsibilities included the acquisition of new markets and founding of new business facilities from scratch. Victoria is broadly experienced in creating dedicated software development and BPO teams and delivering diverse outsourcing service offerings to US, Western-European and Israeli clients.


Yuliya Zagoruiko – MD, Projects

A veteran IT industry professional with some 14 years’ experience in software development. She has held Management, PM, and other positions (VP of Delivery, Project Manager, Director of Business Development, more) with several industry-leading international and domestic software development companies, banking and IT-related educational institutions. As a Project Manager, she has a proven track record of having managed and successfully delivered demanding projects to clients from all over the world.


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Tel: 908.758.1244