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If you are looking for the best AI, machine learning or Data Science consulting services for Retail, you have landed in the right place.

There is a lot of hype in AI. We at WildFire reduce the hype and help you with best end to end AI strategy and implementation with direct ROI.

We are experts in¬†artificial intelligence¬†and work with your in-house team or help you deliver your AI projects in retail using entirely our resources. We don’t use algorithms just because they are the latest or the next big thing. We use them based on the needs of our customer use cases!

  • We are the #1 Niche AI consulting services company in US.
  • More than 100 use cases implemented since we started in 2013.
  • In 3-6 months, we do end to end implementation of your use case including POC.
  • We have the domain expertise in 20+ verticals which is critical to implement your use case.
  • ROI focused implementation.

Our expertise

Traditional machine learning and deep learning

Projects we have worked on include dynamic pricing for a retail company, fraud detection for a financial firm, customer segmentation for a media company, image analysis for cancer detection for a healthcare company among many other machine learning and deep learning projects.

AWS, Azure, and Google cloud

Based on the client relationship with a cloud vendor, we work with different cloud platforms to find the right solution.

Machine learning frameworks

We use all open source machine learning and big data frameworks (Tensor flow, Scikit-learn, Keras, Caffe, MLlib, Hadoop, Spark and other machine learning and big data frameworks) and platforms to ensure that any new breakthrough in AI technologies can be seamlessly adapted in the future. We do not recommend locking into any AI proprietary platforms.


We have developed many chatbots for our retail, pharma, healthcare and finance clients for their customer interactions.

Time Series analysis

Time series analysis is a major form of predictions in Finance. We helped few finance clients to better manage clients money using various AI solutions.

Predictive Analytics

We helped few pharma clients to predict the sales of their new drugs using AI and machine learning and historic sales data.

Clustering and Segmentation

We helped a retail and healthcare client to segment their clients based on past purchases using AI and machine learning for better understanding of their clients and cross sell and up sell opportunities.


We helped a media company to convert large amounts of unstructured data into structured data for sentiment analysis and reputation management.

Anomaly Detection

We worked with a large financial company to detect anomaly in their KYC screening process for quicker customer on boarding.

Assets Planning

Using AI and machine learning, we helped an energy client with assets planning using historic data to help them better manage their assets and resources.

Retail Use Cases

– Dynamic pricing
– Supply chain
– Demand forecast
– Inventory optimization
– Chatbots
– General automation

Our process

Understanding your use case and data

Our first goal is to understand your business and data well. Often times many vendors miss this part and go directly and try to build ML models. This is often a path to failure. We have experts in each domain and industry who understand your business well so we can develop a great ML solution.


Once we understand your use case and data well, we can build a POC.


Once POC is complete and all your stakeholders are onboard, we can do full implementation of the model(s) and productionize them. We can also help maintain the models with any requirement changes.

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