• AI usecases in Healthcare

    (Second in a Series)

    Discussed much more thoroughly in the last article AI in Banking, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful force for business. Does it have a place in Healthcare, too? You better believe it.

    In this country, healthcare is a business, even if it is full of altruistic individuals that are just seeking to help others. We thwart disease; we repair damage; we cope with aberrations in bell-curve

  • AI usecases in banking and financial services

    (First in a Series)


    Humanity has been on the road for a very long time—from the beginning, when each individual had to collect sufficient food to survive every single day—to the point where we invented agriculture. At that point, we moved from 99% survival and 1% reproduction to a brand new model.

    Growing food marked the introduction of leisure. Since then, every step in our evolution has proceeded along the lines of doing more and

  • Calculating model accuracy is a critical part of any machine learning project, yet many data science tools make it difficult or impossible to assess the true accuracy of a model. Often tools only validate the model selection itself, not what happens around the selection. Or worse, they don’t support tried and true techniques like cross-validation.

    All data scientists have been in a situation where you think a machine learning model will do a great job of predicting something,