Companions to Marketing & Customer Segmentation All customers are now well-aware of the fact that we follow them on their journey through our websites.  We want to see what they did; we want to look at their choices when faced with a decision branch; what attracted them; what did they
Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for the Financial Technology (FinTech) sector, and all areas of Banking, are getting quite abundant—overwhelming, in fact. Interestingly, as it turns out, a lot of it is hyperbole. They are not to be ignored or overlooked of course, since many are incredibly useful, and are vital
Using AI and ML for Dynamic Pricing A new look at retail & e-commerce strategies Old-fashioned corporate espionage is almost passé compared to what we can do nowadays with simple information processing of data acquired from the Internet. Why go to the trouble of doing anything illegal when virtually everything
What is Artificial Intelligence? AI is most often a computer program which is designed to duplicate intelligent thinking.  Notice the word “duplicate” as opposed to “emulate.”  At its current stage of development, although still primitive compared to the human brain, it has, in some particular situations, replicated human thought processes
Why is adoption speeding up? It is a commonly held belief that Artificial Intelligence (AI) started with ELIZA. It’s not true. Despite the fact that it could (and did!) pass the Turing Test on many occasions, it was never designed to be an AI. Although this article is chockful of