It’s not what you think! When people think about “robots taking our jobs,” they usually have some image in mind like this one. This is entirely unrealistic, of course. Yes, humaniform robots are a great idea because our world is designed by humans, with tools, devices, and services designed to
Happy people buy more stuff! Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Neural Networks (NN) have allowed us to gather and sort data instantly. You may be familiar with the first two technologies, but the last one will give us the ability to emulate human thought. At this point, Neural
Taking the drudgework out of HR Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) properly will set you apart from “old-fashioned” manual companies. Candidates look upon sophisticated AI-driven HR as more efficient, progressive, and desirable than nostalgia-driven methodologies from the last century. AI algorithms also remove language biases in advertising for positions so as
We don’t want an AI President (do we?) That is a funny notion, isn’t it?  Suppose for a moment what would happen were we to elect a truly smart, well informed Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the Leader of our country.  Immune to bribery; virtually all-seeing and all-knowing; able to instantly
Fuelish Decisions Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already affected your life—in ways you might have read about, or already suspected—and this effect has been largely positive.  It streamlines your interactions and makes web searching easier.  AI controls traffic lights to reduce automobile congestion; it invisibly places elevators at specific positions in