This is what our clients say about us

SVP of a major Wall street bank

“When we first spoke to WildFire team for our AI project, we immediately knew we found the right partner to work with. They have exceeded our expectations in implementing a machine learning solution for our sales and marketing team.”

Director of a Pharma Company

“Machine learning is not just a technology. It needs domain expertise as well as strong AI skills. WildFire has both. They strive hard to understand your use case and data well which very few companies do.”

CTO of a mid size Manufacturing company

“WildFire helped us understand what our data can do for us. They helped us with end to end AI strategy and implementation. We have found a true partner in AI.”

SVP of a Telecom company

“We met WildFire team at an AI tradeshow. We found them knowledgeable and honest about current AI capabilities. They amazed us when the deep learning project was delivered as per our expectations.”

VP of a Healthcare company

“We spoke to MV at WildFire at a trade show. We found WildFire to be very honest about what AI can do. We finished a POC in just 2 months and full implementation in another 3 months. They are the best AI and data science company in US. I have no reservations in saying that.”