How can you introduce AI in your organization? 

Time: Nov 30 2017 at 3PM EST

Join us for a 1 hour webinar on how to find use cases in your organization to introduce machine learning and AI. AIthough there is lot of hype about AI and machine learning, many organizations today are introducing machine learning to improve their sales, fraud detection, customer retention, customer segmentation, image analysis, predictive analytics and many other use cases. Organizations are realizing that they need to have big data and AI strategy to compete effectively.

In this webinar you will learn practical examples of different use cases of AI in Finance, Pharma, Media, Tech, Insurance and other industries and also learn how you can find use cases for AI in your organization and effectively introduce AI in your organization.

We will also have a guest speaker who has successfully implemented AI in their organization. The guest speaker will take you through the process of how they implemented AI in their organization.

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